Step 1: if you haven’t yet seen the Tumblr of the same name, you should.

Step 2: read this review about the book of the same name.

Schadenfreude is a funny thing. Literally. It’s hilarious to laugh at the pain of others. More so when their pain is caused by nonsense.

The book is more of the same thing that makes the blog great. When reading this I didn’t have a child, but this gives a great picture into what it’s like to have one. Children are much like drunk adults, they don’t know what is good for them. So a simple picture of a child crying, say, because he can’t drown himself in a lake is good entertainment.

In many ways, being more of the same is great — the book is entertaining and a fun read. On the other hand, reading it all at once it starts to blend together and takes a bit of the fun edge off. I’d suggest reading this slowly, enjoying it like a wine and not like a visit to the Old Country Buffet.